Editor’s Note: Carolyn Newman, a retired public school music educator, provides some much-needed entertainment as we keep our social distance, shelter in place, and wait out the coronavirus pandemic.



My hair’s a little whiter,
My jean’s a little tighter
So I’m not Little Debbie no more.
Expanded in my middle
Jalapeno peanut brittle
And I just bought more at the store.

There’s a term that’s said
Gives me lots of dread
When they talk about the elderly
I feel sorry for them
Then on a whim
I realize they’re talkin’ ‘bout me.

They tell me it’s not good
To eat that junk food
And at screens to mindlessly stare.
On TV we see our preachers
Lots of folks are homeschool teachers
That’s become a task that’s wrought with prayer.

We find lots of empty shelves
Need patience for ourselves
Just try a brand that you’ve never tried.
No eggs, no beans, no cheese
Can’t be hard to please
Later, I will wonder why I cried.

Hot dogs anyone?
That idea is done.
At home it’s the kids favorite chow.
Lord, three meals a day
There simply is no way
Bring on the takeout right now.

Outside Sam’s store
A line a mile or more
Waiting just to get inside.
I won’t be a jerk,
Have compassion on the clerk
But “No toilet paper?”, I cried.

I am hearing all the time
Truckers are our lifeline
I am sorry their needs are not met.
Fast food window in my car
I forget how big trucks are
Food and showers often they can’t get.

Got some new clothes
And a good friend knows
I like to order from TV.
Then I have to stop
Why did I shop?
Only cows will see my clothes from QVC.

I hear that dogs are glad
They wag their tails like mad
Either back and forth or up and down is gone.
Wagging on the double
Can bring them trouble
It is called Tail Wagging Syndrome. (true)

Lots of change is going on
Are some freedoms gone
Since social distancing is in session?
No handshakes for now,
Can’t help but wonder how
Did my parents feel in the Great Depression?

Lord, we know that you’re gonna
Rap Up this Corona
We pray for the people who are sad.
We know you’re in control
You care about our soul
Once again you will make our heart glad.

Let’s Rap Up this madness
Let’s reflect on some gladness
And thank the Lord for what we own.
Help others in need
No hand sanitizer greed.
Call someone who might be alone.

Been thinking about a song,
Been feeling all along
In a storm when we’re unsure as can be
Lord, while we’re distraught
We know that we’ve been taught
You already see the rainbow we can’t see.

Po’try written by Carolyn Newman during the Covid-19 Pandemic
My material came from real life.
March 27, 2020


Carolyn Newman


  • Love it!


  • I just wish you had recorded yourself doing the rap so we could hear and see you! It is great, and you touched on so many of our recent experiences. (I must say I had a hard time realizing I was elderly, but it has finally sunk in.)


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