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My Dad Went for a Walk

By JIM NICHOLS It has happened so many times now that I have stopped thinking it is unusual. I will see or hear one snippet and, suddenly, a flood of other memories arises and stacks on top. One of my favorite parts of the local newspaper is a section “Today in History.” Here appears a short list of notable events

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ALLELUIA: FCC Celebrates Easter in New Location

By LORETTA FULTON The word “ALLELUIA” in colorful capital letters stretches across part of the lawn at the new location of First Christian Church. The congregation has much to shout “alleluia” about. Number one, of course, is that Sunday, April 4, is Easter–the most appropriate day to sing “alleluia.” But members of First Christian also have a couple of other

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Women in the World

By NANCY PATRICK In my youth, American society did not set aside a month during which to honor women for their contributions to the world. In 1987, Congress established March as the official month to do so. As a woman, I shamefully admit my ignorance about the historical status of women in American society. I would venture to say that

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Me Biased? No Way!

By JIM NICHOLS One of the most common delusions for you and me is to be blind to our own presuppositions or biases. Many have defined such assumptions as a worldview. This can be manifested on both personal and national levels. As an historical example, the New England Native American population in 1600, being a nomadic group, had a much

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Hate or Love: Which Do You Choose?

By DANNY MINTON The word “hate” seems to be thrown around with a completely new meaning these days. I asked myself what does it mean to “hate” someone? Can you disagree with someone and it not be “hate?”  The dictionary defines “hate” as “to feel intense or passionate dislike.” Synonyms include abhor, loathe, detest, abominate, and despise. Those words exhibit

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Holy Week Luncheon Series Again Goes Virtual

Monday, March 29“The Unsung Hero of Holy Week”Phil Christopher, First Baptist Churchhttps://vimeo.com/529522707                              Tuesday, March 30“When God is Late”Shane Hughes, Highland Church of Christvimeo.com/527855462 Wednesday, March 31“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”Steve Patterson, St. Paul United Methodist Churchvimeo.com/527413002 Thursday, April 1“The Final Miracle Before the Crucifixion”Cliff Stewart, First Central Presbyterian Churchvimeo.com/527862671 By LORETTA FULTON For the second consecutive year, the

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