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McM Eliminates TiPi Village Citing Respect for American Indians

 McMURRY UNIVERSITY NEWS RELEASEAlaisha Montanez McMurry University announced today (July 14) the unanimous approval of a Board of Trustees resolution eliminating Tipi Village as a homecoming activity. Recently, the University began to examine Tipi Village and how the activity could be perceived by some to be dishonoring American Indian tribes rather than the original intention of bringing honor to their

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Operation Blue Jeans Under Way at Christian Service Center

Operation Blue Jeans, the annual back-to-school drive sponsored by Christian Service Center is under way through early September. The program works as follows: 1. Elementary school students will receive two pairs of jeans, five pairs of socks and five pairs of underwear  2. Middle school students will receive two pairs of khaki pants and two polo style shirts, five pairs

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New Abilene African-American Council of Leaders Declares ‘Hatred Will Not Find A Home Here’

By LORETTA FULTON “Racism is a sin. It is a sin against God.” With those strong words, Kelvin Kelley set the tone for a press conference announcing the formation of the Abilene African-American Council of Leaders. The press conference was held Monday at North Second and Mulberry streets in front of Station 1 Venue, a former fire station that has

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Struggles of Leadership

By DANNY MINTON I recently finished watching Ronald Reagan in the movie “Hellcats of the Navy,” where he plays the captain of a submarine during World War II. Early on, he must make a decision concerning a sailor who is in the water 100 yards from the submarine while an enemy ship is closing in on his sub. What does

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Jogging With Ahmaud Arbery

By STEVEN T. MOORE Moving down Freedom Laneblack naked feet protected inside white Nike AirI keep trying to fly yet can’tas each foot rises and falls pounding the pavement belowon this cool evening with the naughtywind tickling against my legs and necka few birds cooingmoon jumping in the skyrefusing to be ignored. I see Wanted signshanging on every lampposton both sides of

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Once In A Lifetime

By JIM NICHOLS I have mentioned before my fascination with the paradoxes of life, the opposites that must be simultaneously true and the tensions that we must accept. Lots of these paradoxes show up in scripture—for example, the last shall be first, Jesus is fully human and fully divine, if you think you can see, you are actually blind. However,

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