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By DANNY MINTON Unless you have been asleep for the past week, it would be impossible to miss the academic scandal news. Celebrities have been caught lying and buying their children’s way into certain universities. Coaches, school officials, and test administrators have been fired for taking bribes of five and six figures. Some will face huge fines while others will

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International Women’s Day Speech By MOLLY WARREN Hardin-Simmons University Five women are named in Jesus’ earthly lineage. Two were Canaanite; two were Jewish; one was a Moabite. One was a prostitute by trade (Rahab); two were used as prostitutes (Bathsheba & Tamar); one was shunned for false promiscuity accusations (Mary) and one was shunned because of racism (Ruth). All five

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By LORETTA FULTON Tired of the political rhetoric on immigration? How about a new take, actually a very old one? “Jesus, King of Strangers: What the Bible Really Says About Immigration” is the title of a new book by Mark Hamilton, professor at Abilene Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology. In the book, Hamilton argues that, “Reclaiming the biblical language

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By SUSAN PIGOTT Why did they name you Miryam, Bitter Sea? Did they know how bitter life would be eclipsed by your brothers? Little girl keeping watch over Moses’ basket on bloodied Nile waters. Fearless girl, bartering with Pharaoh’s daughter to pay your mother as wet nurse. Prophetess by the Sea of Reeds, leading the women singing and dancing, hand

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