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Priscilla Shirer, founder of Going Beyond Ministries, will appear via simulcast April 28 at Southern Hills Church of Christ. The event will be held 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tickets, which cost $10, are available at sohillschurch.org/priscilla. Or call 695-8438 for more information. Read more



Did Jesus Really Have a British Accent? Janice Six poses a significant question, “If children were taught at an early age that Jesus was from the Middle East, would this reduce fear and prejudice against people from the same region? What difference might it make as far as acceptance and respect for people of other ethnicities if children were exposed to images of Jesus with dark eyes, hair and skin? Read more




GOOD ADVICE IN JUST THREE WORDS Glenn Dromgoole is graciously sharing a series of “Just Three Words” from his book, “More Civility, Please.” A new segment will be posted each week for 10 weeks. The entire book can be purchased at Texas Star Trading Company. Read more


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A TEST OF FRIENDSHIP True friendship has two aspects. One is watching and caring for those whom we call a friend. It’s letting them know things that are for their good. On the other hand, a true friendship allows our friends to talk to us frankly. Read more




NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST Local Catholics are planning a protest April 28 in conjunction with national protests against Planned Parenthood. New Beginnings Big Country, which provides transitional women who have been incarcerated, is holding a fundraiser garage sale, two speakers, one live and one via simulcast, will be featured this week for local events. All this and more in Happenings.



ISRAEL EXHIBIT OPENS MAY 14 An evening at the Paramount Theater, with a guest speaker, dramatic presentation, and special music, will open the new Miracle of Israel Exhibit at the Discovery Center. The Paramount event will begin at 7 p.m. May 14.  Read more


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JESS TURNS UGLY HISTORY INTO POETRY A Pulitzer Prize winning poet didn’t experience the discrimination against African-Americans that his parents did and can only imagine what freed slaves experienced at the end of the Civil War. But what an imagination. Tyehimba Jess, who won the Pulitzer for poetry in 2017, was guest speaker April 6 for the Lawrence Clayton Poets and Writers Speaker Series, presented by the McIntyre-West Endowment of the Hardin-Simmons University Academic Foundation.  Read more 



McMURRY CELEBRATES INTERFAITH Four McMurry University students wrapped up Better Together Week Friday, April 13, by sharing their beliefs through a program called Interfaith Story Telling. Events during the week included an international game night, diaper drive to benefit refugees resettled in Abilene through the International Rescue Committee, and an interfaith prayer and meditation session. Read more