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Churches, Ministries Continue with Mask Requirement

By LORETTA FULTON Many churches. ministries, and religious institutions are continuing with COVID-19 protocols, including wearing a mask, despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that the statewide mask mandate will be lifted effective Wednesday, March 10. The governor’s order also allows restaurants to return to 100 percent seating capacity, effective March 10. Reactions to the governor’s announcement vary from “it’s too

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Bishop Sis Shares Story of Battling Coronavirus

(Editor’s Note: The following article by Bishop Michael Sis of the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo first was published in the December issue of the diocesan newspaper, West Texas Angelus. It is republished here with permission. The article details the bishop’s personal battle with coronavirus. By Most Rev. Michael J. SisBishop, Catholic Diocese of San Angelo The coronavirus had been

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Church 2020

By CAROLYN NEWMAN I do not go to church in town,I go to church in my nightgown.I do not want to be a crier‘Cause I cannot sing in choir. I’ve done that for 53 yearsSee me holding back my tears?The next best thing for you and meIs pioneerdrive.tv. I do miss my Sunday School friendsMy teacher’s expertise never ends.Our leader

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Spread the Word: How Are You Helping Others during the Pandemic?

“The Year of COVID-19” won’t be celebrated by many people, but don’t discount the innovation and creativity that continues to pop up because of the pandemic.  Spirit of Abilene would like to share the innovative and creative ways that congregations, or individuals, are coping with the chaos brought about by the coronavirus. What does your “Everyday Ministry” look like during this

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Lessons Learned

Editor’s Note: Nancy Patrick is a regular contributor to Spirit of Abilene. Her columns usually carry weight, but she recently posted the following “Lessons Learned,” with both insight and humor, on Facebook. Read and enjoy. Lessons learned from COVID-19 quarantine from Nancy Patrick 1. I know there is no one I had rather been quarantined with than my sweet husband

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