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Packs vs Herds

By DANNY MINTON My son Scottie and I watched the Ice Age movie one evening when one scene stuck out to me. The three main characters of the film are three friends, a mammoth (Manny), a sloth (Sid), and a saber-toothed tiger (Diego), an unusual trio, to say the least. In this one scene, Diego is trying to talk another

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Hallie and Space Matters

IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury What are the odds that two remote communities in the far reaches of West Texas would have much in common in what we’ve called the “space race” since Russia launched Sputnik? The USA shifted into overdrive with its Apollo 11 project for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to make the first footprints on the moon.

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Service Set for Episcopal Bishop Sam Hulsey

A memorial service for the Rt. Rev. Sam B. Hulsey, former bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas, which includes Abilene, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday August 6, 2021, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. The church is located at 3401 Bellaire Drive South, Fort Worth. Hulsey, 88, died on August 6, 2020, exactly one year before the scheduled memorial

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Survey: Highly Religious Americans More Skeptical About Extraterrestrial Life

Pew Research Center Religious and secular thinkers alike have long discussed what the implications for religion would be if humans discovered intelligent life on other planets. In the United States, highly religious adults are much more skeptical about the possibility of extraterrestrial life compared with those who are less religious, according to a recent Pew Rearch Center survey.  This is evidenced by

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One More Day

By DANNY MINTON I was born on a Sunday approximately 645,792 hours ago as I write this article. That amounts to 26,908 days, or 3,844 weeks, or 884 months. If I live to my dad’s age when he passed, I have approximately 178,296 hours or 7,429 days. Of those hours, I will spend in the neighborhood of 10 hours a

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Slowest of News Days?

 IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury Historians who tired of seeking origins that mattered much probably risked losing their licenses oh, 1.4 centuries ago. That’s when they scattered like quail in a hailstorm trying to identify the “inventor” of the hamburger. One of the few points of agreement is that they were introduced during the 1880s, depending on how deeply one

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