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A Place at the Table

Inspired by Janice Six Come, visit, share,You are welcomeAt the table. Come, one and all,You are welcomeAt the table. Come, be yourself,You are welcomeAt the table. Come in joy and love,You are welcomeAt the table. Come, join, and sing,You are welcomeAt the table. Come, sit, smile, eat,You are welcomeAt the table. Come, be with God,You are welcomeAt the table. Come,

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VBS, a Summetime Favorite, Is Back

By LORETTA FULTON Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time for “Space Blast,” “Passport to Peace,” “Be Strong & Courageous,” and the many other Vacation Bible School themes that are popular this year. Most churches are back to the traditional VBS format after the COVID shutdown two years ago and some experimentation with new formats last summer. However,

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When Fun-Poking Gets Serious

 THE IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury The memory is lodged in my brain’s recesses, as closely as mistletoe clings to mesquite trees. Our parents–neither with educational opportunities beyond high school–provided common sense counsel for my brother and me. One admonition on their rigid “you-ought-to-do” ladder has remained on the top step. Their advice was sound then and is so today.

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Danger Is Dangerous

By JIM NICHOLS The two sisters had spent their whole short lives wading through the legal system. Their biological parents were dysfunctional, so consumed with their own concerns that the girls had little care or guidance. The child protection system was cumbersome but helpful enough to keep the children from obvious danger, but it involved a succession of foster homes. 

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Goal: To Finish the Race

By DANNY MINTON If you happened to catch the national news this week, you might have seen the story of Zippy Chippy. Zippy passed away just shy of his 31st birthday, and his fan club gathered to pay tribute to him. His legacy is firmly established in two books about him, one a children’s book, and the chances are that

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Mort and Prayers for Rain

 THE IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury My old Uncle Mort is nothing if not analytical, even when he’s not even looking for ways to make easy bucks. He called recently to provide his analysis of members of the Thicket Community Church whose pastor called for a special mid-week prayer session appealing for rain. It would be at high noon on

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