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IDLE AMERICAN Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury It’s a challenge my 106-year-old Uncle Mort hasn’t faced–not ever–and the same is true for the rest of us. The world teeters on a fulcrum of fear, much of it unknown. Enough is known, though, to shiver the strongest timbers and shake boots previously used for putting “get-along” in little “dogies” (pronounced “dough”’-gees),

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By DANNY MINTON Everything he tried, failed. He took over the family farm, struggling to make it work. He invested in schemes that would make him rich but instead broke him. He and a friend opened a men’s clothing store and went bankrupt, leaving him with a debt that would require 12 years of his life paying off creditors. Politics

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By NANCY PATRICK In 1624, British poet John Donne wrote “Meditation 17” as part of a larger collection of devotional pieces. The theme of the meditation relates to the interconnectedness of humankind. The first part delineates how people—regardless of location, race, social status, or religion—connect to one another as parts of humanity even if the individuals know nothing of the

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Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month. Marianne Wood writes about three women of influence from her childhood neighborhood. By MARIANNE WOOD Though life on the street I grew up on in the 1960s was far from perfect, the families living there had each other’s backs in many ways. Discipline was one of them. If you broke a rule at

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