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A Warning This Time

IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury A Texas automobile driver was “tooling” down a rural highway on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Most motorists had already reached destinations, or maybe decided not to go. He felt alone, not another vehicle in sight on a long stretch of pavement. Suddenly, flashing lights in his rearview mirror were strong indicators that he wasn’t alone.

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Chaos and the Constitution

By NANCY PATRICK As an English teacher, I sometimes taught literature written by authors who used a writing technique called stream-of-consciousness. That term refers to the basic idea of allowing a narrator to tell the story without any chronology, structure, or other narrative form.   Stream-of-consciousness resembles live-streaming events online. It captures whatever happens without any editing. I use the term

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‘The Creator Created Only One Race–The Human Race’

By LORETTA FULTON Opening a speech with the “N” word normally wouldn’t be advisable for the featured speaker at a Martin Luther King. Jr. Day gathering. But the Rev. Matthew Lubin, pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, did just that and followed the slur with racial epithets that covered just about all of humanity. As a preacher, Lubin knows the importance

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LDS Members Provide Gifts for Refugees

Kristy McDonoughChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Local and area members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made sure the “First Christmas in Abilene” was one to remember for refugees who are resettled in Abilene through the International Rescue Committee. LDS members, primarily youths, collected brand new and much needed household supplies for refugees during December.

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