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By LORETTA FULTON Nothing illustrates the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” as do icons, with their rich layering of colors and light and their deeply spiritual message. In fact, icons are both words and pictures. Iconographers “write” icons rathering than painting them because they are writing the theology of the church, explained Linda Fowler, a local iconographer

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Spirit of Abilene wants to share what’s happening at your place of worship with other Abilenians. Please send notice of events and ideas for human interest stories to: or call Loretta Fulton, editor, at 325-669-9006 Photo credit: MyTudut on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA   MLK ANNUAL MARCH AND DINNER Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be observed Monday, Jan. 20, in Abilene and

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By NANCY PATRICK I did not experience the weight and burden of grief until I was an adult. Although one of my uncles and a grandfather died during my childhood, their deaths did not directly affect me because they did not play an active role in my life. My family had experienced generally good health and few accidents, so surprise

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By JIM NICHOLS Church policy arguments can be tedious. If you are a member of a church with a clear non-local hierarchy, you have an advantage of having leaders you may not even know make policy decisions for your local group. You may not agree with those decisions, but you do not have to lose much sleep trying to make

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