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‘Let’s Talk With Lydia’ Ending at St. Vincent Pallotti Church

Editor’s Note: The following article by Loretta Fulton first was published in the West Texas Angelus, the newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo. By Loretta Fulton Every priest serving St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic Church in Abilene since 1985 has at one time or another said the same words when confronted with an issue that needed a decision. “Let’s

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Changing of the Guard

By NANCY PATRICK I recently had my seventy-first birthday. (I didn’t say “celebrate” because I don’t enjoy birthdays as some people do.) My birthdays, especially those of the past two decades, have effected a time of reflection and assessment for me.  I think my family must have had some pretty good genes because most of us have lived full lives.

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Plan of Care

By JIM NICHOLS At the conclusion of a visit to a hospice patient, the outside caregiver must complete an electronic questionnaire regarding the impressions from the visit. This is a requirement of the hospice providing company as well as Medicare, the entity often paying for the service. Since there are generally three different types of service provided, there are three

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That’s the Way THEY Roll

 IDLE AMERICANCommentary by Dr. Don Newbury They are to be commended–the “big box” store planners–for the many “edges” they’ve honed to make it to the ladder’s top for in-store shopping. Who would have guessed their modus operandi would feature vendors lined up like carnival barkers soon after shoppers have shown their credit card IDs for entry? Patrons truly haven’t “rolled” very

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Scherr Piece Premieres at Heavenly Rest Concert

A world premiere by Dr. Bernard Scherr, professor of music theory and composition at Hardin-Simmons University, will be part of a concert on Sunday, April 11, at the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest. The church’s Chamber Music Concert Series begins at 5 p.m. and is free to the public. Sunday’s concert, “Baroque ‘N’ Modern,” will feature Dr. David Amlung,

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My Dad Went for a Walk

By JIM NICHOLS It has happened so many times now that I have stopped thinking it is unusual. I will see or hear one snippet and, suddenly, a flood of other memories arises and stacks on top. One of my favorite parts of the local newspaper is a section “Today in History.” Here appears a short list of notable events

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