“Revenge is not justice…it never brings about justice because it never seeks reconciliation.”

Those words are from a Lenten reflection written by Travis Frampton, one of 40 members of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church who contributed to a booklet titled, “A New Song: Lenten Reflections.”

The collection of Lenten reflections was the brainchild of Nathan Adams, ministser of missions at Pioneer Drive, and Meredith Summers, minister for women and singles. In 2016, Summers started a new tradition at Pioneer Drive by asking people to contribute to a booklet of Advent reflections. This year, the collection of reflections was extended to Lent, which began on Ash Wednesday March 6.

“A team of us worked on putting that together,” Adams said.

Summers, Adams, and two other church members called 10 people each from a prepared list of 40 names and right away, they had their writers. They tried to get a good mix of male and female writers as well as a range of ages.

“We didn’t have to stretch much further than our list,” Adams said.

The reflections are based on Scriptures, which allows the writers to share something about themselves through their view of the Scripture they reflect on. And that was by design. Pioneer Drive is a large church, with two services held simutaneously each Sunday morning at opposite ends of the church complex. People may attend for years and not know each other. The reflections provide a way to get to know 40 members pretty well.

“It’s such a practical and simple way,” Summers said, “to connect our people through their stories.”

Click on the following names to read a sampling of the reflections:

Travis Frampton

John Hunt

Carolyn Newman

Emily Meador






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