Jogging With Ahmaud Arbery


Moving down Freedom Lane
black naked feet 
protected inside 
white Nike Air
I keep trying to fly yet can’t
as each foot rises and falls

pounding the pavement below
on this cool evening with the naughty
wind tickling against my legs and neck
a few birds cooing
moon jumping in the sky
refusing to be ignored.

I see Wanted signs
hanging on every lamppost
on both sides of the street.
Each one bears a black face and a name,
the ones with red banners
using bright yellow letters
to announce DEAD. 
My breathing quickens as I run past 
faces of boys and girls 
with warm summer afternoon smiles 
and playground eyes fresh as linen,
then the posters for mothers and fathers,
aunts and uncles with hands soft 
as Arkansas cotton.
Dozens more assault my view 
as I keep on running,
trucks roaring up behind, 
stench of tobacco and cartridge smoke
chasing down to the ground
the last breath
of my prayer to fly.

Dr. Steven T. Moore

Dr. Steven T. Moore is a professor in the Department of Language and Literature and director of the McNair Scholars Program at Abilene Christian University


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