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New Abilene African-American Council of Leaders Declares ‘Hatred Will Not Find A Home Here’

By LORETTA FULTON “Racism is a sin. It is a sin against God.” With those strong words, Kelvin Kelley set the tone for a press conference announcing the formation of the Abilene African-American Council of Leaders. The press conference was held Monday at North Second and Mulberry streets in front of Station 1 Venue, a former fire station that has

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Jogging With Ahmaud Arbery

By STEVEN T. MOORE Moving down Freedom Laneblack naked feet protected inside white Nike AirI keep trying to fly yet can’tas each foot rises and falls pounding the pavement belowon this cool evening with the naughtywind tickling against my legs and necka few birds cooingmoon jumping in the skyrefusing to be ignored. I see Wanted signshanging on every lampposton both sides of

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Bulletproof Castles

By STEVEN T. MOORE for George Floyd  I’m reading a children’s book about knights and castles to Mrs. Walker’s class,their tiny faces beaming as I read each page.But this morning, I’m only watching the black boys and black girls because of last night’s news:another unarmed black person dead.  I turn the page, see the black boy in blue.He will be delayed during 3:30

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