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Global Samaritan Resources, 2074 N. First St, is collecting food and other items needed in relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. Global Samartian is supporting Iris Relief and other humanitarian aid and disaster relief organizations. Our warehouse will be open for you to drop off the following items Monday, Sept. 9 through Thursday, Sept. 12, from 8: a.m. to

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By DANNY MINTON You stare at the line with pen in hand. To sign it means freedom, yet at the same time, it brings thoughts of memories that once were a part of a happier life. Thoughts of flowers, fancy clothes, smiles, and looking toward a bright future seem like faded pictures of a life that once was so alive

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By JIM NICHOLS During Jesus’ ministry there were several instances of healing; scripture deals with some of them briefly, but others are described with some detail. One in particular has spoken to me over the years. In Mark 9 there is a crowd around Jesus and a father approaches him and asks for aid for his son. He describes his

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