Living Nativity at Our Savior Lutheran Church


Even COVID didn’t knock out the Living Nativity production last year at Our Savior Lutheran Church–and it won’t this year, either.

“We generally have it unless it is freezing and raining,” said Janna Atkins, who has been director of the pageant since 2003 and a member of the cast for years before that. 

The Living Nativity will be presented Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Dec. 14 and 15. Two presentations will be held each night, beginning at 7 and 7:45 p.m. Each presentation is about 20 minutes in length. 

The Living Nativity features a recorded narration, music, and a cast of 10 to 15 characters. Animals from May Farm add authenticity, and a bit of fun, to the setting. 

“Everyone is encouraged to come and pet the animals,” Atkins said. 

The production is staged on the west side of the building, 4933 S. Seventh St. Rustic seating will be provided, or guests can listen from their cars in the parking lot. 

Even though the church doesn’t have as many members as it once did, Atkins is always able to put together a cast for the Living Nativity. Sometimes that means she has to fill in, but that’s OK with her. Atkins has faith that the show will go on.

“God has blessed me every year,” she said. “I’m assuming God will bless me again this year.”

Loretta Fulton is creator and editor of Spirit of Abilene

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