McMurry Announces Community Commitment Scholarship

McMurry University News release
Alaisha Montanez

McMurry University is offering a Community Commitment scholarship for new freshmen and transfer students whose families have chosen careers in service.

The scholarship will offer a minimum of half tuition for students who fit that category. Students do not have to financially qualify, and additional merit and need-based scholarships may be added. “This meaningful and significant scholarship honors families who have chosen careers in service and is built on the university’s core value of ‘Service as the measure of life,'” according to a news release from McMurry.

The Community Commitment is a financially aggressive scholarship that supports a student whose parent, legal guardian, or spouse is currently employed full time in public service as a first responder or in education, healthcare, ministry, the military, or nonprofit work. Incoming freshmen and transfer students applying for fall 2021 are eligible to receive the Community Commitment scholarship.

“Service above self is in the DNA of McMurry University,” said McMurry President Sandra S. Harper. “This important scholarship will honor those who chose selfless service, whether they are serving the community through teaching, caring for or saving others, or the military. During the current COVID-19 crisis, awareness of the sacrifices of our community heroes has been heightened, and McMurry is excited to be able to offer a distinctive scholarship to reward individuals for their commitment to others.” 

McMurry University is the first university in the state of Texas to make a community commitment to families in service of others. According to GuideStar, there are 1,147 nonprofits in Taylor County. Add in schools, police, fire, and military, and the impact of this scholarship is tremendous in Taylor County alone. The scholarship is available to any student who wants to attend McMurry University, regardless of where they live. 

As a private, faith-based university, McMurry University recognizes that community challenges are numerous, and there has never been a greater need for individuals dedicated to a life of service. McMurry University wants to provide financial support as it develops future leaders who can think critically, fight against oppression, understand our differences, and translate this knowledge into building a better society. 

“McMurry University is a champion for better communities and for people who are building them,” said McMurry Vice President of Enrollment Grant Greenwood. “McMurry is the place to train for a life of service, and we believe this training and experience should be accessible to all who want it.” Greenwood added that McMurry University is making a simple commitment: “If a life of service runs in your immediate family, then we’ll cover at least half of your tuition.” 

The Community Commitment adds to McMurry University’s intentional focus, which began in 1990 with the University’s servant leadership curriculum that guides students to develop a sense of purpose in their studies, careers, and contributions to community and society. This scholarship advances the university’s core values: Christian faith as the foundation of life; Personal relationships as the catalyst for life; Learning as the journey of life; Excellence as the goal of life; and the foundational value, Service as the measure of life.

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