Ministry Leads to More Purposeful Life

Editor’s Note: Everyday Ministry is an occasional feature of Spirit of Abilene, highlighting people who weave ministry into their everyday lives. If you know someone you would like to see featured, email with the name, contact information and a brief description of the person’s ministry.


An email request from the missions minister at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church caught the eye–and heart–of Ron Richert. 

The request was simple enough but required a commitment. Church members were asked to sign up to pray for a specific child through House of Faith, a local ministry that “exists to take Jesus to neighborhood children.” Richert responded and was assigned a 15-year-old boy to pray for.

“For some reason, it spoke to me that day,” Richert said.

Ron Richert

He got a card with the boy’s name and photo, plus names of other family members. Richert placed the card in spot he knew he would pass by every day. Each time he does, he offers a prayer for the boy’s salvation. 

Volunteering for ministry activities comes easily and naturally to Richert now, but it hasn’t always been that way. Richert, 49, runs the Hendrick Health Club and has been a member of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church since he was 7. 

“I was at church all that time,” Richert said, “but God didn’t hit me in the face until age 40.”

Nine years later, Richert is still responding to God’s nudges and stronger pushes. He has worked with men’s ministry and helped with spiritual boot camps. Richert has helped clean up around the Alameda Community Center that serves the neighborhood where House of Faith ministers. And, Richert has gone on prayer walks in the neighborhood and served on mission trips to Guatemala.

“Pioneer Drive has definitely given me some abilities to do ministry work,” he said.

Richert remembers clearly the day God slapped in the face as a wake-up call. He had attended a boot camp at Beltway Park Church and on his way back thought that God either didn’t exist or didn’t care about him. Then God got his attention and has held it ever since. 

Richert acknowledges that the walk he has been on for nine years hasn’t always been easy. There is a cost to discipleship, but one he is willing to pay. Being heavily involved with his church and outside ministries has given his life a new meaning.

“It definitely feels more purposeful at times,” he said.

Loretta Fulton is creator and editor of Spirit of Abilene

Loretta Fulton

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