Stealing a phrase from Mercy Me’s hit song I Can Only Imagine, I can only imagine what heaven will be like–but I do wonder about the denizens we might meet. For me, I see myself running around asking, “Who were you back on the physical earth? Were you in the Bible?” Hoping that I might stumble onto one of the characters portrayed in the text. Maybe be fortunate to run across Moses or Daniel and listen to glory tales of how God delivered them just in the nick of time.


Walt Pfeifer

Being a bit askew in my imaginings, I can see myself mixing with a crowd of saints all in white robes and glowing countenances, which makes them all look nearly the same. I am quizzing each one I meet: “Were you in the Bible? Was your name mentioned in the scriptures?” 

Most will say, “No, were you?”

“Nope, I just read the book.” And I move on through the crowd. 

Then one heavenly being answers me saying, “Yes, yes I was in the Bible.”

“Oh, Wow! (We can say Wow in heaven, right?) Were you one of the Apostles? Or somebody really important?” I was all ears.

“Yes, I was the man recorded in Luke 22:10 that Jesus said to follow into a house. I was the man carrying a pitcher of water.”

Trying to be polite, I smiled and was turning away, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Nice to meet you–whatever your name is.”

“Wait! Maybe you don’t understand my role. Jesus needed a place to have the Last Supper and directed his disciples to come into the city looking for me and follow me to the house where I am a steward. I may not have been important enough to get my name in the Bible, and my story appears in only one verse, but Jesus had already foreseen me doing my normal work. He used me to point the way to the upper room, where I overheard him talking to his friends about the most important night of his life. So, friend, I know I don’t seem important to you, but these golden streets are filled with redeemed people like me–just simple people that were going about their lives and being used by Him.”

He was right. Heaven wasn’t filled with only Bible superstars like Abrahams, Daniels, Peters and Pauls. The majority were just “pitcher bearers” that found themselves tapped for small holy missions.

I can only imagine what happened around the garden tomb about the time we now call Easter. I’m pretty sure God did not need to roll the stone away to let Jesus out. Being rolled back, it allowed the few (and us) to look inside to see a couple of messengers assuring us He is no longer there. And, as a result, the pitcher bearers who believe the story far, far outnumber the biblical superstars.

Walt Pfeifer, a longtime Abilenian, published a book of life stories in 2017 that he wrote for family members and a class at Highland Church of Christ. He is now writing a second book. 

One comment

  • AMEN! In God’s grace everyone is important and we pray for things on earth to be like in Heaven. We need much help with this.


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