“That’s my daughter and her three children,” Ann Hawkins said in amazement, pointing to a picture in a massive photo album. “Look at her hair!”

“I was the first one married in the sanctuary,” Jane Haley Reed said proudly, as she joined Hawkins and Vi Bearden in scouring the photo album.

Those are the kinds of comments that come from going back through old photo albums, especially ones that go back 60 years.


Chesna Riley, left, in photo at top right, and Penny Biddy serve Brook Hollow Christian Church as co-pastors. In photo at bottom right, Jane Haley Reed, Ann Hawkins, and Vi Bearden look over a scrapbook with 60 years of church history. Photos by Loretta Fulton

On Sunday, Sept. 8, current and former members of Brook Hollow Christian Church, 2310 S. Willis St., will gather to celebrate 60 years together, dating to the first service at the church Sept. 6, 1959. A former minister of the church, Charles Fisher, will preach.

Registration will begin at 9 a.m., and the worship service will start at 10:15 in the fellowship hall, in honor of the 60th anniversary. It was the original meeting place before the current iconic sanctuary was built in 1966. A catered lunch will be served in the Disciple’s Center in the same complex after the service.

Read complete story by Loretta Fulton in the Reporter-News.

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