A team from Pioneer Drive Baptist Church spent part of spring break in Rockport, building wheelchair ramps, doing other much-needed jobs and building relationships with the people they served.

Following is report from team member Jay Barbian:


Mr. and Mrs. Wes Ratliff
Mr. and Mrs. Al Camp
Dean Taggart
Bert Agnew
Terry Bunkley
Jay Barbian
A man from Wisconsin, Bernie Juday, worked with us each day also!

Day one a two-man crew–Bunkley and Barbian–went to two locations to assist if possible with electrical problems. One was a mobile home that needed a complete new service supply built, but all we could do was install two breakers, and Jay did some cleanup and nailed some plywood back while Terry did the breaker replacement!

Second electrical problem was to repair an electrical water pump so person could sell vacant property! We could not assist on this project!

At same time our 6+1 went to two locations! First, they installed a 4’ by 3’ extension onto an existing ramp so wheelchair could access the ramp!

Second project for them was to build 6’ x 4’ deck at door of a mobile camper, then build a 20-fiit ramp from the deck towards the roadway so handicapped resident could enter/leave home.
When we finished the two electrical assignments, we assisted in completion of the deck/ramp. The project had a 20-foot ramp attached to the deck. This project took approximately 55 man-hours to complete. These were finished the first day by 5:30 pm!

The second day the entire team of 8+1 went to a double-wide trailer home occupied by a man and woman who were both in motorized wheelchairs! He had been dropped by a medical transport crew due to condition of the steps at the home, and he received broken ribs. The transport service told him they would not return to the residence unless he had a ramp installed, thus our assignment.

Due to trees and driveway locations, we had to build a 6-deck to attach to the porch with a 45-degree angle at the end so we could attach a 32-foot ramp for their accessibility. This ramp was completed in one day requiring approximately 70-73 man hours!

Day 3, Wednesday, we were assigned a home that needed the existing (very steep ramp for lady using walker) that was approx 8 feet long. The completed ramp was 46  feet long total, with a 90-degree deck/turn for her to get in/out of the home safely! They finished deck by 6:30 p.m. and took 83 man hours!

Thursday they had no more needs for ramps, so our crew 8+1 went to a home where dad had 50 percent disability, mom 90 percent, and daughter was 100 percent handicapped. Our job was to cut up fallen limbs and pile them up for a youth group to remove an another date. This project took approximately 22.5 man hours!

First Baptist Church of Rockport provided home cooked meals for our team morning and evening, and the supplies for us to pack our lunch each day! They provided awesome meals/supplies for us! They also provided sleeping and shower facilities along with the necessary supplies to clean up. The facilities were very adequate and fee was minimal.

After lunch Thursday, we had no jobs for our team so we packed for the return trip and started home around 2 p.m.

God Blessed our team with great people/facilities to work from, and great people to work for. We had no major injuries sustained by our team, and a fun trip to/from Rockport!



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