Advent – THE anticipated arrival of all times, the emergence of Christ on earth. We Christians celebrate Advent in many ways. We use calendars, candles, songs, music, parties and decorations such as trees (which symbolize the eternal life Jesus Christ provides), hanging greens, chrismons (ancient symbols for Christ or some part of Christ’s ministry) and other ways.


Jim McDonald

Some themes of Advent are: hope, faith, love, peace, joy and faithfulness. Our hope is a reasonable expectation of something desirable to come. It provides peace through faith. Faith, as we know, comes from hearing and learning God’s Word and recognizing His truth which transcends anything people may concoct. More evidence is continually presented in nature and all of its marvelous systems. Our faith brings joy to us which is deeper and beyond happiness. In this joyful state, we become faithful followers of Jesus.  Positioned in this closer Christian walk, we become compelled to share the Good News of salvation.

The advent of Christ descending to our level is indeed Good News and worthy of our full devotion and faithfulness to serve Him as a disciple to the fullest extent of our ability. God’s sacrifice of sending His Only Son here to more fully expose His love and devotion to us and to atone for our misdeeds (sins), which are legion, is our life saver. This salvation is absolutely the most important element in our allotted time here. There are times when we pause, such as Christmas and Easter and celebrate our Savior whole-heartedly.  These times are certainly special but we would do well to always keep a closer walk with Jesus.

Remember this quote, “Many babies have become kings but only one King ever became a baby.” (unknown source.) And He did it for you! In this Advent season, let’s celebrate our joy and salvation to the fullest. Remember, so many people do not have a grasp of this marvelous offering. So go tell it on the mountain!

Jim McDonald is a member of Wylie United Methodist Church and the Abilene Association of Congregations. 

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