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By LORETTA FULTON B.O.B.S celebrated a 22nd birthday Sunday much like anybody named “Bob” would do, with cake, cookies, punch, and wishes for “many more.” Actually, it was the people who make B.O.B.S happen that did the celebrating. The Breakfast on Beech Street ministry opened May 16, 1996, and numerous milestones have been met since then. In 2017, B.O.B.S served 19,000 free

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Eclipse provides awe and inspiration

(Editor’s Note: The Aug. 21 eclipse provide more than just an opportunity to view an extraordinary event in the sky. For many, it provided moments of inspiration and awe. Following are some examples) By Rick Hammer Biology professor Hardin-Simmons University The TV images from locations that experienced totality were amazing but somewhat eerie.  Abilene’s 71% “totality” was nothing in comparison,

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Add your voice to those speaking out against hatred and violence

People of faith all over the country are speaking out against the bigotry and hatred that ended in death in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. If you would like to add your comments, thoughts, reflections, please send to editor@spiritofabilene.com And, please attach a photo of yourself. Below are submissions from Jacob Snowden, president of the Abilene Interfaith Council, and Jen

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