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By DANNY MINTON January 30, 1933, is a date very few of us have in our list of dates to remember. However, of all the dates in the 20th century, that day would stand out as a day that changed the world. On that day, an unlikely candidate became chosen as chancellor of Germany. Even though the date may not

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Why Love My Enemies?

By DANNY MINTON The most important teachings of Jesus involve “Love.” He teaches us to love God while the message of loving our neighbors presents a picture of how we love God. However, Jesus doesn’t stop there. He tells us we are to love our enemies and pray for those that persecute us. That command becomes one of the most

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December 7

By DANNY MINTON Mention December 7 and most of our minds will go back in history to Pearl Harbor. It was a time Christmas became a time of depression and sadness for our country as we entered into the Second World War. Not only would the war be with Japan, but with a foe from a previous war, Germany. December

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Listen With Love

By DANNY MINTON My first full-time church job was as youth minister for a congregation in South Texas. We moved there a couple of months after learning that our adopted son, Scottie, was severely mentally disabled. It was a tough move, leaving behind friends who would be our support group through challenging times for a young married couple of five

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