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By DANNY MINTON Remember this commercial? “What’s this stuff?” “Some cereal. It’s supposed to be good for you.” “Did you try it?” “I’m not going to try it; you try it!” “I’m not going to try it.” “Let’s get Mikey!” “Yeah!” “He won’t eat it. He hates everything!” “He likes it! Hey Mikey!” We live in a world riddled with

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By DANNY MINTON Life was simple while I was growing up in small-town Plano, Texas. At the turn of the 1950s, Plano had reached a population of 3,695. It was small-town America and a wonderful place to grow up. Summers were lazy and easy going. As a kid, the guys had Little League baseball as the only organized activity. Otherwise,

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By DANNY MINTON I finished a hospital visit and entered the elevator following an attractive blonde lady. Already in the elevator were two men. They were good sized men who appeared to have come to visit someone after a hard day’s work. The elevator was silent as we descended to the first floor. The two men allowed the lady to

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By DANNY MINTON When you go into battle, chances are you are going to face an injury or wounds of some type. My battle injuries have not come from war since I have never been able to serve our country in this manner. My battle scars come from sports. In baseball, I’ve had “strawberries” from sliding into a base and

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By DANNY MINTON I have two sons: My youngest son, Chris, lives in Corpus Christi. He’s become successful in business and is turning into the young man his mother and I always desired for him to be. He is kind, loving, and generous. He shares what’s happening in his life. He’s what his mom and I dreamed of when we

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