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By DANNY MINTON Everything he tried, failed. He took over the family farm, struggling to make it work. He invested in schemes that would make him rich but instead broke him. He and a friend opened a men’s clothing store and went bankrupt, leaving him with a debt that would require 12 years of his life paying off creditors. Politics

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By DANNY MINTON The Pandemic of 2020 will be registered in our minds as something we will always remember. As time moves forward, some of the details will fade, but we will not forget that it took place. Most of us will never forget. People remember those events in life that have an impact on our future. Our “National Anthem”

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By DANNY MINTON Open any social media page, and you see a myriad of political jibes. The Democrats criticize the Republicans, and the Republicans criticize the Democrats. You read the articles and recognize how selfish people are being, just thinking about what they want. In too many cases, reactions have become hateful and sometimes violent. We tell ourselves the world

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By DANNY MINTON On March 6, 1836, the “Battle of the Alamo” came to an end. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered his soldiers to storm the old broken-down mission held by less than 200 “Texians.” That day would end a 13-day standoff costing the lives of hundreds of Mexican soldiers and almost all of those who lived within the

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By DANNY MINTON Several years ago, I came across a story where caregivers from a special needs group home started bringing the clients to a worship service. The group would take up a full row toward the rear of the auditorium. As with many individuals with special needs, they can, at times, like small children, not sit still or be

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