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Struggles of Leadership

By DANNY MINTON I recently finished watching Ronald Reagan in the movie “Hellcats of the Navy,” where he plays the captain of a submarine during World War II. Early on, he must make a decision concerning a sailor who is in the water 100 yards from the submarine while an enemy ship is closing in on his sub. What does

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Feeling the Pain

By DANNY MINTON “Black Lives Matter!” Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about it. Do you feel the pain in that phrase? As a Christian, I know “all lives matter” in the eyes of Jesus. He died for us all. The lives of everyone on the face of this planet now, in the past, in the future,

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Seeking Truth

By DANNY MINTON It was the week before Christmas 1965 that a Dallas Morning News article came out with me receiving the game ball for our team’s AA state football championship. I was lying in my hospital bed with a broken vertebra in my neck the week before and didn’t get to play in the final game. The game was

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By DANNY MINTON When I was five years old, our garage almost caught on fire because of a burning mattress. Someone was playing with matches, throwing them behind the old mattress when it suddenly caught on fire. My brother, who was three years old, and I were sat down and interrogated by my dad. “Who started the fire?” “Gary did,”

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