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By DANNY MINTON Unless you have been asleep for the past week, it would be impossible to miss the academic scandal news. Celebrities have been caught lying and buying their children’s way into certain universities. Coaches, school officials, and test administrators have been fired for taking bribes of five and six figures. Some will face huge fines while others will

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By DANNY MINTON Jerry Kramer was an offensive lineman drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft by Green Bay in 1958. In 1959 Vince Lombardi became the head coach of the team. The story goes that one day Kramer was having such a bad practice that Lombardi became fed up and said, “Son, you are a lousy football

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By DANNY MINTON Turn on the TV, listen to a conversation, or walk down the mall and you’ll get a picture of the world of our youth today. Sex, violence, drugs, are shown and discussed in many circles. The apathetic work ethic and laziness are thrown out for us to consider. We label a whole generation based on what we

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