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By DANNY MINTON More than likely, everyone reading this has heard the phrase “Kilroy Was Here!” It was a popular phrase during WWII and continued for years afterward. But have you ever asked, “Who was Kilroy”? There are a lot of myths about him, but Kilroy really was a real person.  James J. Kilroy was hired by the Bethlehem Steel

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By DANNY MINTON Churches are made up of all kinds of people, people with various social status, people with a wide variety of financial stability, inherently kind-hearted people, people who worship God on Sunday and the ways of the world on Monday, spiritually strong people, people who struggle with their faith, people who are needy and asking for help and

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By DANNY MINTON “Christmas Tree Lightings:” you see them in movies, and many cities around the country enjoy one in the town square every year. They occur in the nation’s capital, state capitals, neighborhoods, malls, and about anyplace a group wants to have one. They initiate the beginning of the Christmas season. The dates will vary, but the excitement they

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