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By LORETTA FULTON “My name is Houston Heflin, and I don’t like hard conversation.” That opening remark was made by one of the speakers for the fourth annual Summer Seminar hosted by Abilene Christian University, but most likely anyone in the audience could have said the same thing. “The Gospel and Culture: What’s a Christian to Do?” was the theme

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Highland Church of Christ is sponsoring a children’s feeding program at its three campuses July 30-Aug. 17 as a pilot program to bridge the gap between the A.I.S.D. Summer Feeding Program and the beginning of school. Children ages 18 and younger will be served at Highland’s three locations – South Fifth and Highland, North Ninth and Cypress and South 10th

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By DANNY MINTON As Independence Day approaches amid the fireworks, golf tournaments, trips to the beach and barbeques, there will be some who take time to remember that this is a day which represents the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The colonies firmly stated to England that they would now become a free group and for the first time

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