Highland Church of Christ is sponsoring a children’s feeding program at its three campuses July 30-Aug. 17 as a pilot program to bridge the gap between the
A.I.S.D. Summer Feeding Program and the beginning of school.

Children ages 18 and younger will be served at Highland’s three locations – South Fifth and Highland, North Ninth and Cypress and South 10th and Chestnut. Program director Becky Almanza, who is Food Pantry and Community Care Coordinator for Highland, said provision of this nutritious meal will span the time between the end of A.I.S.D.’s summer feeding schedule and the start of school. She recently visited three of the sites in San Angelo where a similar program has been going on for the past nine years.

“If our pilot program is successful, it may be expanded to include other non-profit groups and locations in future years,” Almanza said.

The summer feeding program is designed to help families who may not have the resources to adequately feed their families at home and who may take advantage of the free lunch program during the school year. Food preparation will be done at the Highland Church with volunteers from the church serving at each of the three locations during the noon hour Monday through Friday from July 30 through August 17.
For further information, call the Highland Church at 673-5295.

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