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Scrooge Is The Gospel

By LESLIE STRADER Every year about this time, I wrap up my annual read of one of my favorite books – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Published in 1843 and set in Victorian England, Dickens’ Christmas ghost story is credited with reviving the celebratory sprit of Christmas that we know today. Since then, time and technology have given us

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By DARRYL TIPPENS On Monday I watched with dismay as the fires consumed the nave of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. I have had the pleasure and joy of visiting the cathedral twice. Of many beautiful churches I have visited over the years, it’s easy to say no other church in the world is quite like the Cathedral

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By THE REV. DR. JANICE SIX The Women’s Rights Movement for women’s suffrage celebrated the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, securing women’s place in the voting booth. In the ecclesiastical realm, God had already called women into the pulpit decades earlier— in some branches of the Christian family tree. One mover and shaker of

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