Lessons Learned

Editor’s Note: Nancy Patrick is a regular contributor to Spirit of Abilene. Her columns usually carry weight, but she recently posted the following “Lessons Learned,” with both insight and humor, on Facebook. Read and enjoy.

Lessons learned from COVID-19 quarantine from Nancy Patrick

1. I know there is no one I had rather been quarantined with than my sweet husband Mike.

2. I appreciate every item I find in the grocery story–whether it’s the brand I wanted or not.

3. I’ve met more of my neighbors during the past 4 months than in the 3 previous years in my neighborhood.

4. I am excited that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow!

5. I am thrilled that I have a ZOOM meeting Thursday evening with the Abilene Interfaith Council.

6. I’m thankful that I’ve been hired by the census bureau to help find the people who haven’t filed their census information and will have a training session this Friday.

I always told Mike I was a cheap date, and this list proves it!! It takes so little to make me happy.

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