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Looking Through the Fog

By NANCY PATRICK A few weeks ago, I mentioned a list of possible topics for future papers. Needless to say, the recent deluge of social tragedies has fogged my mind’s ability to focus on any of my proposed topics. Among those overwhelming events—the unprovoked war in Ukraine, uncontrollable fires that wipe out forests and neighborhoods, contagious mass shootings throughout the

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Incremental Improvements Equal Lengthy Inconveniences

By NANCY PATRICK I entitled my last article “A Good Place,” generally referring to times in our lives that we might label as good, better, or best. Obviously, those adjectives cover a wide range of options that could relate to age, health, financial stability, localities, social issues, political, or even spiritual conditions. That title specifically referred to an upcoming spinal

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A Good Place

By NANCY PATRICK In today’s world, it may seem hard to find a good place to live, work, raise a family, and build a life of peace and accomplishment. As I remember my parents’ last few years, I often thought or said words such as “I will never . . . .” One of those areas in their lives related

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Get Back in the Game

By NANCY PATRICK I love my lifestyle as a homebody. I prefer to stay home rather than get out and about with other people. As a matter of fact, the COVID pandemic gave me the perfect excuse to avoid church, shopping, visiting friends and family, and volunteering in the community. I didn’t have to offer excuses or reasons for my

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Love, Hate, Death, and Family

By NANCY PATRICK Nothing in life is more precious, valuable, fulfilling, cherished, frustrating, complex, and heartbreaking than family. Nothing brings out the negative sides of family more than illness and death.  Only four people comprised my nuclear family—mom, dad, two daughters.  Four years older than my sister, Peggy, I lived with our parents four years before she entered the picture,

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Women–Can’t Live With Them and Can’t Live Without Them

By NANCY PATRICK With only two human genders, one would think differentiating between them would be simple. To the contrary, defining the male and female sexes in modern times has become quite difficult. It has grown into fodder for political, moral, ethical, biological, and religious debates. During this March of 2022, I am especially aware of the unique and complex

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