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By NANCY PATRICK I did not experience the weight and burden of grief until I was an adult. Although one of my uncles and a grandfather died during my childhood, their deaths did not directly affect me because they did not play an active role in my life. My family had experienced generally good health and few accidents, so surprise

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By NANCY PATRICK I know many people favor fall—the end of long, hot summers and return of cooler weather and beautiful, colorful foliage. Although I do enjoy the brief autumns we have in West Texas, I do not happily anticipate the imminent winter.   It’s not the cold weather I dislike but rather the absence of green leaves, blooms, sunshiny days,

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By NANCY PATRICK For many Americans, Christmas celebration has begun. Sometimes people begin their preparations well before Thanksgiving. Although I’ve never done that, I have always tried to get into the spirit immediately after Thanksgiving. Years ago, I found it easier than I do now. At the age of five, my family moved to Texas from Arkansas. We began a

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By NANCY PATRICK I only recently heard the term “enneagram.” I felt a little behind the curve when I discovered that most of my family already knew about it, so I jumped at the chance to attend ACU’s Summit this fall when I saw a two-day course on enneagrams listed in the program. Before you get bored and quit reading,

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By NANCY PATRICK I often hear people use the terms “caregiver” and “caretaker” interchangeably. Since I have actually served in both positions, I like to distinguish between them. I also like the British term “carer” as it implies the emotion rather than the action of the one who cares. “Caretaking” most often refers to the management of inanimate objects such

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