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When Times Seem Hopeless

By NANCY PATRICK Do you ever feel as if the world is spinning out of control? I do. As I watched world news recently, I learned the staggering new statistics regarding Covid-19 and its Delta variant. Patients, medical personnel, families, and politicians frantically urge people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others against this aggressive and deadly virus. At

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Time Travel

By NANCY PATRICK In the late 80s and early 90s, my son Jason had a favorite television show called Quantam Leap. Though not a fan, I knew that in each episode the main character traveled to a historical time where he would need to help with someone’s problems. Although I don’t really believe in time travel, I have to admit

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Do You Really Know Me?

By NANCY PATRICK During the last several decades of my life, I have come to question just how well I really know the people in my life. When you consider your relationships with others, you must recognize that each relationship between you and someone else remains unique. For example, I knew my parents only in their parental roles in my

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Behave Yourself!

By NANCY PATRICK I vividly remember my mother’s words to me as I neared the door to leave home to visit a friend or go on a date: “Behave yourself!” As a teenager, I didn’t know I would become an English teacher and would study sentences of all types. Do you remember these: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory?  If not,

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S-0-S: Can Anyone Hear Me?

By NANCY PATRICK Fellow writer Danny Minton wrote a recent article about how people sometimes feel alone and abandoned by God. When this happens to us, we often ask, “God, where are you?” Of course, we learn by going through the crisis that God remains present the entire time. Unfortunately, our human limitations can blind us to the reality of

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Valentine’s Day 2021

By NANCY PATRICK This past Valentine’s Day found me held hostage in my home by a rare Texas blizzard and power outage. As I shivered beneath a thick comforter, I reflected on February 14, 1967, when my husband Mike proposed to me. Passionately in the throes of young love, we had attended a Sweetheart Banquet for our church that evening.

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