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Living Without Judgment

By NANCY PATRICK Most people consider me a nice person. Lately, I’ve wondered if that description still aptly applies to me because I certainly don’t always have nice thoughts.  Could I blame it on the social pressures with COVID during the past two years or my advancing age producing less patience than I used to have? For whatever reason, I

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Odds and Ends

By NANCY PATRICK As we near the end of 2021 and begin the new year of 2022, we have a time for reflection—reflection on what has happened and what may happen in the future. I struggle to discern the difference between importance and irrelevance. I sometimes get busy or distracted and become bogged down in peripheral things. The older I

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‘Tis the Season

By NANCY PATRICK Holidays are here again. ‘Tis the season for happiness and joy. Beautiful Christmas lights adorn houses as lighted Christmas trees sparkle from living room windows. Christmas music provides atmosphere in all the stores as shoppers look for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. With so much joy and excitement around, why do some of us fail

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You Can’t Make Me!

By NANCY PATRICK America prides itself on freedom. I can do whatever I want, and no one can tell me what to do! I’ve heard that more than ever since the world entered the COVID pandemic. This critical time in history has provided my first experience with a worldwide issue that has occurred simultaneously around the globe. As I watched

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Living in Liminality

By NANCY PATRICK Sunday, October 10, 2021, Dr. Bob Ellis filled the pulpit at First Baptist Church, Abilene. He treated our congregation to an excellent sermon while our search committee seeks a new senior pastor after our long-time pastor, Dr. Phil Christopher, retired. Dr. Ellis, a true intellectual, has the talent of imparting difficult concepts to average people. He chose

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