The aroma of poppy seed chicken coming from the kitchen at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church.

The impressive Parade of Flags at Abilene Christian University’s opening chapel.

McMurry University’s chaplain urging students to email her with prayer requests.

All are signs that a new year of campus spiritual life has kicked off at Abilene’s three church-affiliated universities.

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In the photo at top left, Hardin-Simmons University newcomers pray during an opening event for Stampede week, at top right, Brynn Warnack and Justice McGowan work at Meals on Wheels, middle right Jordyn Burnell volunteers at Meals on Wheels, and in the photo at bottom left Addie Leal and Sharanda Anderson volunteer at Meals on Wheels. All the McMurry students are members of Coach Cammie Petree’s volleyball team. In the bottom middle photo, the U.S. flag is among many in ACU’s Parade of Flags. At bottom right, Jackson Scott starts his sophomore year at ACU. Photos by Loretta Fulton



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