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Body Parts in the Bible

By JIM NICHOLS For a biologist, one of the most rewarding aspects of the Bible is to find an illustration that fits our discipline of science. Clearly, the Bible is not a science book, but many of the images used have an obvious parallel. Written centuries ago, they are not sophisticated science, but are common language metaphors that make perfect

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Spilled Blood

By JIM NICHOLS The local church I attend shares weekly Eucharist. The pattern, as in many churches, is to pass a communion plate containing bread and another container with individual plastic cups of wine/juice. With the onset of COVID, that pattern changed. Now, upon entering, each individual picks up a two-in-one item consisting of a small disposable cup of juice with

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Big Boys

By JIM NICHOLS When you are a little boy, there is hardly anything more impressive than a big boy. They look like a little boy, only they are strong and fast. They can be idolized as good athletes or even role models; they can also be terrifying. Once upon a time a little boy went on an errand with his

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By JIM NICHOLS New Mexico recently became the tenth state (plus D.C.) to legalize a “right to die” process. Although using different descriptors, these “medically assisted suicide” laws (New Mexico calls theirs the “Life Options Act”) detail safeguards and procedures for legal steps for an individual to end his or her life voluntarily with the aid of the medical community.

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