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The Facebook Trap

By JIM NICHOLS There is a subtitle for today’s contribution and that is “Avoiding a Place of Fear.” Once again, two back-to-back items appeared in my reading. One involved Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Collins is what in the academic world is referred to as a “physician-scientist.” He has both an M.D. degree (qualifying him in the medical doctor world) and

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By JIM NICHOLS Early in my adult life, a wise person suggested a word to look for in scripture. You may have received the same instruction—it is almost trite, frankly—but it works for me. I suppose this word would be considered a conjunction, something that connects two thoughts. Used in scripture it relates one thought to a following one that

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Your Advice Is…?

By JIM NICHOLS Once again I offer an initial alert for a story: (1) there is a little science here and (2) there is not a fully satisfactory resolution. Reader beware. Some years ago, I received a phone call from the East Coast. The caller identified herself as a former student of mine, although I did not recall her. She

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Bus 38

By JIM NICHOLS My elementary school was within walking distance of my home. It was even close enough that I walked home from school for lunch. We apparently had a rather long time for lunch because, even though it was several blocks, I do not remember having to hurry home and hurry back to school. It was certainly preferable to

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Advice From A Friend

By JIM NICHOLS The friend listened for a long time on the phone. He did not interrupt; he just listened. The two had known each other for decades and, though they seldom communicated now because of distance, they still “connected” in important ways. Initially, this was a wide-ranging conversation with lots of family and personal updating being exchanged. This last

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By JIM NICHOLS Let us suppose that adolescence and later adult life represent bookends of our human existence in terms of time. Granted, younger children come before adolescents, but it is in the latter that certain questions begin to arise. It is significant for my argument here that the questions adolescents ask are remarkably like the questions later adults ask.

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