From Jay Moore: Mother Hubbard Stuffs Stockings

Jay Moore’s newest book, “Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home,” contains one or more vignettes from Abilene’s history for each day of the year. Periodically, stories with some connection–however loose–to Abilene’s religious life will be featured in Spirit of Abilene. The book can be purchased at Texas Star Trading Co., 174 Cypress St. or call 325-672-9696. Books are $27.50.
Jay Moore

Following is an excerpt from Jay Moore’s book, Abilene Daily: Snapshots of Home, dated Dec. 1, 1912.

Mother Hubbard Stuffs Stockings

A small notice tucked into Page 6 of today’s newspaper read, “If you have nothing for your children for Christmas, write ‘Mother Hubbard,’ care of the Abilene Reporter. Your letter will be confidential. Tell me where you are and how many children in the family.”

The Mother Hubbard Anti-Empty Stocking campaign supplied 185 Abilene children with goodies on Christmas morning, including toys, candies, fruits and nuts, most of it contributed through Abilene churches. Fifty-eight families received groceries and clothing. Beginning in 1914, the Mother Hubbard campaign was aided by a group of “good fellows” and, over time, the good fellows became the Goodfellows, who carried on the tradition of supplying Christmas cheer.

Top photo credit: “Stockings” by altopower is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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