Have you ever lost anything and couldn’t find it? Have you ever worked on something only to have it get destroyed in the blink of an eye? Well, that’s what happened to me recently. I had spent an hour writing my Thursday Thoughts for Southern Hill Church of Christ and went to save my work. It was then that the unimaginable happened. Every Word document I had opened suddenly turned completely white, and the message popped up “Word is not Responding!”

Danny Minton

Danny Minton

I thought, surely it had auto-saved and would allow me to retrieve it when I restarted Microsoft Word. I restarted Word, and there it was, my document! I opened it up and there staring at me was a blank page. I decided to check the file so I opened up Explorer. There it was, my file! Then moving to the right to the file size column the horror was there expressing itself, file size, “0 kb.” Nothing saved, all my work had gone “down the drain.”

          It was a good lesson, too! All about “Hitting the Gap.” It mentioned our current lesson series and a lady who had great plans. It was well-written and corrected. I used the perfect anecdote of Jesus from the Gospel of John. I know you would have read it and said, “This is really good!” But alas, it has made its way to the computer of lost documents in the sky. And it was good, too!

          Have you ever been in that situation, where you worked so hard to try and get something done, feeling you’ve done a great job and then met with people “not responding?” You feel like it’s all been a waste, your time, your effort, and your desire to achieve something you feel is worthwhile.

          I believe we all go through those moments. I know Jesus did. I picture him standing on the hill and crying out “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!” He had the pain of his work going for naught in so many lives. You could hear it as he spoke to his apostles and sadly said, “O you of little faith!” It was tough having something so great to say and do, but feeling like sometimes all he ended up with was a blank white page and an unresponsive public.

          We will all go through that feeling at times. Our excitement may fall on deaf ears. Our enthusiasm may be squelched by others apathy. Our dreams may become nightmares when no one acts as if they care. It is in those times that we just have to start over and move forward. The nice thing about a blank white page is that it gives you a place for a fresh start. So next time you feel like no one is responding, just sit down and refocus, look at that white page and think about other possibilities. Mainly, never give up on your dreams and what you want to do. Jesus always responds, even if no one else does.

          Oh, by the way, you might save your work more often as well.


It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

Psalm 119:71

Danny Minton is Pastoral Minister and Elder at Southern Hills Church of Christ

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