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By DANNY MINTON Several years ago, I came across a story where caregivers from a special needs group home started bringing the clients to a worship service. The group would take up a full row toward the rear of the auditorium. As with many individuals with special needs, they can, at times, like small children, not sit still or be

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By DANNY MINTON Churches are made up of all kinds of people, people with various social status, people with a wide variety of financial stability, inherently kind-hearted people, people who worship God on Sunday and the ways of the world on Monday, spiritually strong people, people who struggle with their faith, people who are needy and asking for help and

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By JIM NICHOLS Especially with younger people, one cannot always be sure when they are listening. Their facial expressions and body language may well look distracted, but their ears (and hearts) may be listening well. I was with the 13-year-old and the 15-year-old out for lunch, just the three of us. The conversation was just general chitchat. Speaking to the

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By JIM NICHOLS Sometimes it is best just to do what is requested. The request was simple. “I have to move out of my house at 5:30 tomorrow evening. I cannot do it physically by myself; I need some help.” Moving from one house to another is complicated. The fact that there are sometimes positive outcomes might smooth out the

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By NANCY PATRICK I only recently heard the term “enneagram.” I felt a little behind the curve when I discovered that most of my family already knew about it, so I jumped at the chance to attend ACU’s Summit this fall when I saw a two-day course on enneagrams listed in the program. Before you get bored and quit reading,

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By JIM NICHOLS A news report recently identified interesting results. A large number of college students (2,700) from five countries—three from Western cultures and two from Eastern cultures—took a common survey. The content of the survey forced the students to narrow down which characteristics they considered most important as they chose a lifetime mate. The survey took a progressive approach

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