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By NANCY PATRICK I only recently heard the term “enneagram.” I felt a little behind the curve when I discovered that most of my family already knew about it, so I jumped at the chance to attend ACU’s Summit this fall when I saw a two-day course on enneagrams listed in the program. Before you get bored and quit reading,

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By JIM NICHOLS A news report recently identified interesting results. A large number of college students (2,700) from five countries—three from Western cultures and two from Eastern cultures—took a common survey. The content of the survey forced the students to narrow down which characteristics they considered most important as they chose a lifetime mate. The survey took a progressive approach

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By JIM NICHOLS It has been said that sometimes you write what you need to read yourself. Here goes. There are two linked pieces to my thinking here. Consideration of them causes me to talk to myself and the conclusions boil down to just a few words. Unfortunately, though this conclusion consists of minimal words, they are functionally difficult for

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By DANNY MINTON Gladys May Aylward wanted to be a missionary to the Chinese people, but it was the 1930’s, and the world was engulfed in unrest.  Besides, she was a woman, a small woman with no language skills in any Chinese dialect, and no credentials to merit anyone sponsoring her efforts in wanting to go. But Gladys longed to

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By JIM NICHOLS I do not like the idea. I prefer to think and believe that my current self is the result of something within me. I prefer to believe that, as a child, I had a rather central future that, though I did not know about it in detail, simply unfolded as I grew older. Thus, as an adult,

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