Take a Look Inside Adoration Chapel

Abilene is filled with houses of worship but most Abilenians are familiar with the inside of only a handful. A periodic feature in Spirit of Abilene will give you an “Insider’s View” of some of those places you may have driven by many times but never entered.


Name: Perpetual Adoration Chapel
Location: 1541 S. Eighth St. 
Website: abilene.sacredheart@sanangelodiocese.org
Lead pastor: Rev. Albert Ezeanya

About: Perpetual Adoration Chapel opened June 29, 2000, thanks to the efforts of the Rev. Robert Bush, longtime pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located next door. The chapel, home of a former mechanic shop, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone who wants a quiet place to pray. The chapel seats 32 people. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration at all times.

People praying at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel

The Blessed Virgin Mary in Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Entrance to Perpetual Adoration Chapel, 1541 S. Eighth St. 

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