Las Posadas Set for Dec. 15-23

Las Posadas, a beautiful and fun Christmas observance, will be held nightly Dec. 15-23, sponsored by St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic Church.

At least three of the observances, on Dec. 15, 16, and 19, will be held at the church, 2525 Westview Drive. Others will either be at the church or at private homes, said Monica Mayes-Leija, church secretary.

“Posada” is the Spanish word for “inn,” which Mary and Joseph were searching for. Instead, they ended up in a barn, with a manger serving as a crib, when no one accepted them. Traditionally, participants travel from one house to another, where music is played and food served. 

On the night that observances are held at St. Vincent, the event will be staged in Pan American Hall and different rooms will represent the places that Mary and Joseph seek refuge.

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