ACU Grad Has New Children’s Book, ‘A Hill of Peace’

Books are 7″ x 7″, 32 pages, color interior, for ages 7+, price: $12 (+shipping). To order, go to


Brian Dewayne Scott is back with a new children’s book, “A Hill of Peace,” that is sure to catch the eye of parents who are looking for Christmas gift ideas. 

Scott is a Nashville artist who earned a master’s degree from ACU’s Graduate School of Theology in 2012. In 2020, he published “Illustrated Bible Forms,” a children’s picture book featuring 34 Bible stories in poetic form, with original illustrations that recognize the Afro-Asiatic context of the biblical narrative. 

Click here to read article about “Illustrated Bible Poems” and link for ordering

And now he is back with, “A Hill of Peace,” a colorful story about a water buffalo who loses his way.

“It takes a surprise visit from his friend Sankofa to see things clearly again,” a promotional blurb says. “One day as he grazed, distracted, half-hearted, ignoring the cadence Sankofa imparted, a new-thing approached from the coast of the hill, him greeting with nice words like ‘peace’ and ‘good will.’”

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