Take a Look Inside Macedonia Baptist Church

Abilene is filled with houses of worship but most Abilenians are familiar with the inside of only a handful. A periodic feature in Spirit of Abilene will give you an “Insider’s View” of some of those places you may have driven by many times but never entered. 


NAME: Macedonia Baptist Church
LOCATION: 608 N. Seventh St.
WEBSITE: http://www.macedoniabc-online.org/
LEAD PASTOR: Rev. Matthew M. Lubin Sr.
ABOUT: A Texas Historical Commission marker in front of the church tells its history. The church was organized in 1898 by the Rev. J.H. Herron of San Angelo. Charter members were Richard Hayes, who was the church’s first deacon, his wife, Winnie Hayes, and Jim and Alice Slaughter. They purchased property at the current site and had built a small frame building by 1903. The first commencement exercises for African American students in Abilene were held about 1923 in the sanctuary of Macedonia Baptist Church. The single graduate that year was a member of the church. New buildings were constructed in 1951 and 1990. Since January 2001, the church has been led by the Rev. Matthew M. Lubin Sr. 

Macedonia Baptist Church, 608 N. Seventh St.

Sanctuary of Macedonia Baptist Church


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