Artist to Discuss New Book ‘Illustrated Bible Poems’ on Zoom

Artist Brian Dewayne will present a program on his new Illustrated Bible Poems children’s book as a Zoom program from ACU’s Center for the Study of Ancient Religious Texts.

The free program will begin at 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19. To join the Zoom event, email CSART at

Brian Dewayne

The following news release from CSART gives more detail about Dewayne and the significance of his work. Dewayne is a visual artist from Tennessee. He says his family has been gifted with creativity for at least a few generations. His undergraduate work was in fine arts with a focus on painting, drawing, and sculpture. He earned a master’s degree from ACU’s Graduate School of Theology in 2012. Brian and his wife Tulisha recently celebrated ten years of marriage and are the parents of three boys (ages 6, 4, & 2). In addition to visual art, Dewayne also enjoys writing about the intersection of Race, Religion, Riches, and the Republic of America. He has authored: ‘Kyle & Yeshua: How American Interests Hijacked the Messiah’s Religion’‘Teachings of the Master: Divine Wisdom for Daily Life’, as well as the up-coming book: ‘Illustrated Bible Poems.’

All kinds of images, from stained glass artwork and iconography to Sunday School materials, have been the constant companion of our religious texts. We’ve rightfully devoted much attention to the written text, studying its origins, transmission, translation, and application. But have we fully considered our images: their origins, transmission, and application?

Most of us associate certain images with the biblical stories, influenced by our cultures and social identities. How have those images shaped our imaginations and impacted our understandings of the Bible? How do those images shape our children’s perceptions of God, Jesus Christ, and their own faith?

The forthcoming ‘Illustrated Bible Poems’  is a poetic children’s book that brilliantly recognizes the Afro-Asiatic context of the biblical story, inviting us into a larger visual landscape. In this CSART event, author and artist Brian Dewayne presents the book and some thoughts on how our longstanding practice of ‘viewing the biblical narrative’ may have something to contribute to the conversation about American race, American religion, and what we’re teaching our children.

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