Editor’s Note: The Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action was founded in 2018 at Abilene Christian University. Beginning Monday, April 13, the center will release a weekly prayer guide for communities that are threatened to be disproportionately impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. To get the weekly release, go to and click on “Contact Us” at the top.

The Carl Spain Center deeply believes in spiritual practices and disciplines that aim to direct one’s entire mind, body, and soul towards deep engagement with God and interactive sharing of life with others. By taking part in these practices, we will not only foster substantial social camaraderie with one another, but will also heighten our own intimacy with God that renders us open to the Spirit’s transforming power across the lines of racial distinctions.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spending our days physically distant from one another, but wait with eager anticipation until the day we are able to gather with our Racial Unity Leadership community again. As we spend this time apart, may the posture of our hearts continue to be set on intimacy with God and the transformative power of his Holy Spirit in our work for racial unity.

In order to maintain this posture, beginning April 13th, the Carl Spain Center will be releasing a weekly prayer guide through this newsletter to focus our hearts and prayers on communities who have been historically overlooked and marginalized in our society, and, who are threatened to be disproportionately impacted by the spread of the virus. In the midst of this pandemic, the people of God have a unique opportunity to use our prayers, voices and resources to stand in solidarity with these communities. We hope you will join us as we pray for these beloved communities and invite others to pray with you!


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