Editor’s Note: Lke other nonprofits, New Beginnings Big Country, a housing ministry for women transitioning from incarceration, is hurting with the COVID-19 shutdown. To donate, go to
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During these uncertain times we can be confident in knowing God’s word will not return void. It will accomplish what it was sent to do. He promises to carry us through the dark and trying times. We have to continue to walk by FAITH not by sight. He promised we would not be walking alone.

NBBC will face some economic impact from COVID-19. We are strongly suggesting that our women make no moves right now. Of our 33 women and 2 children that we serve, more than ½ of them are facing reduced hours, job loss or not being able to find work for a season. For now, we have closed the doors to our resale store, InnerCreations, to any sort of customer traffic.

As an organization, we will settle back into our roots – bill by bill, minute by minute and day by day sustained by faith and our knowledge that He is our rock and our sustainer.

We are ALL praying for His peace that surpasses all understanding to fill each one of you, too. Let’s walk in wisdom knowing who we are in Christ and that He will carry us through this war. We ask for guidance and wisdom from our body of believers as we navigate these times. And if you feel led to share our stories of victory via social media, we would be grateful.

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