The following email, “Ways to Help the Abilene Community,” was issued Sunday, March 15, by Pioneer Drive Baptist Church.

As you may know, leadership at AISD is already working on a plan to feed children in the district during the time students are away from campus. About 70% of the children in the Abilene district are on free and reduced lunch, making for an extra burden on those families when school is out.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this won’t start until Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, with the logistics of all of it, which leaves two days for families to figure out how to feed their children. We have a plan for those families who may struggle during this time.

  1. We partnered with House of Faith (HOF) and All for One Missions to provide items for sack lunches for the children in the Alameda neighborhood.
  2. We will partner with Love and Care ministries to assemble food packages for the families who receive extra food in their backpacks on the weekends.
  3. We will partner with Shining Star Fellowship to provide items for sack lunches for their community.
  4. We are working with Baptist Social Ministry’s food pantry to find the best way to help them as they help the community.

Here are some ways our church body can help:


  1. Tonight (Sunday, March 15): We need a few people tonight at 6PM in the gym foyer to help with putting sack lunches together for Shining Star Fellowship’s community and Bonham families as well.
  2. Tomorrow (Monday, March 16): All for One Mission and HOF will be assembling sack lunches 10:45 AM on Monday morning, March 16, at All for One Missions (650 Corsicana). They will need a couple people to help put all those lunches together. These lunches will go to families that have kids in school and are a part of their ministries.
  3. Tuesday (March 17): Love and Care Ministries and AISD will put together more food packs for the most vulnerable families this Tuesday night, March 17, starting at 6PM at 4126 North 1st and volunteers are needed.

Remember, there are no Sunday or Wednesday night services or activities this week.

As with everything else, this situation is fluid. We are striving to be proactive in caring for the most vulnerable in our church and our community. If you have any questions or would like to help out, you can email our Associate Missions Pastor, Erica Currie, at ecurrie@pioneerdrive.org.

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