Abilene’s most famous, and possibly most revered citizen, Dr. Virginia Connally, turns 106 on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Connally was moved in October to a facility near Waco but remains in Abilene in spirit. Her many friends and admirers in Abilene wish her a great big “Happy Birthday!”

Connally, a 1933 graduate of then Simmons University, was born Dec. 4, 1912, in Temple. She graduated from Temple High School in 1929, attended Temple Junior College one year, and then enrolled at “Simmons” in 1930. While in college, she lived with her uncle, Dr. William Riley Snow, and his wife, Mae Cagle Snow.

Connally graduated from college in June 1933 and enrolled that September in the LSU School of Medicine. She earned a bachelor of medicine degree in May 1937 and began an internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. She earned a doctor of medicine degree in May 1938 and served a residency at Charity Hospital. In November 1939, she was granted a license to practice medicine in Texas. Connally opened her office, specializing in diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat, in the Mims Building, 1049 N. Third St., in September 1940.


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