It felt and looked more like Christmas Day than Thanksgiving Day, with the temperature hovering around 55 and the sky gray and wintry, but it didn’t matter.

The first Thanksgiving Day dinner served in the Aldersgate United Methodist Church community garden was a success. All it took was an exchange between a church member helping host the dinner and a neighbor who joined in to make the dinner a success.

“Glad you came–Happy Thanksgiving,” the church member said.

“Thank you. We enjoyed it,” came the reply.



Church members and neighbors gathered Thanksgiving Day for a potluck meal in the community garden sponsored by Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Despite a chilly day, the mood was festive, including a turkey hat worn by Linda Aten, bottom left. Photos and video by Loretta Fulton.


The Thanksgiving dinner was the second of three events planned in the garden this fall. The first one, a Pumpkin Patch in October, was canceled due to weather. The third will be a Christmas tree lighting at 7 p.m. Dec. 9.

The dinner started and ended with words of thanksgiving, both formal and informal. Before serving up plates of turkey, dressing, ham, and all the trimmings, the guests formed a circle and held hands as David Feemster led a prayer:



As we bow our heads to pray, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Help us have the right attitude as we turn to you in gratitude.

Thank you for our festive mood, thank you Lord for this good food.

Thank you for blessings great and small, thank you, thank you for it all.

People from the neighborhood surrounding the community garden, located at South 19th and Amarillo streets, were grateful for the opportunity to join others at the potluck dinner.

One person especially grateful to be there was Amy Wilson Feltz, associate pastor at Aldersgate and organizer of the dinner. She almost didn’t make it after going to all the trouble of planning the event. A stomach ailment hit the family, including Feltz, also known as “Mom.” She did put in an appearance, but didn’t eat.

The mood was indeed festive, as Feemster said in his prayer. Linda Aten added to that mood with a turkey hat pinned to her hair. Despite a few shivers, guests enjoyed the plentiful food and camaraderie and the opporunity to meet new people.

“This is the first year I didn’t cook Thanksgiving dinner,” one woman said. “I almost feel guilty.”







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