“Dr. Virginia (Boyd) Connally”

Lyrics by Carolyn Newman
sung to
“Thanks for the Memories”

 (With apologies to Bob Hope)


Carolyn Newman

Thanks for the Memories

In 1912, you were born, On a fourth of December morn,
Ada Virginia Hawkins, a Temple, Texas, newborn.
We thank God so much!

Thanks for the Memories

In 1912 the news was gigantic About the sinking Titanic,
But what history could not see Was Unsinkable Virginia Connally,
We thank God so much!

A Temple High school grad in nineteen twenty-nine,
A ’33 Simmons College degree was God’s design.
Louisiana State University Medical School
A woman physician in ’37, it was rare, as a rule!

Thanks for the Memories

Out of the Great Depression, a woman in the medical profession!
Few females dared to even think of that obsession
We thank God you did!

A New Orleans hospital named Charity
You married oilman, Ed Connally, in ’53,
Your office closed in Abilene in ’82,
That’s 36 years ago, God is not through with you!

Thanks for the Memories

Trailblazing physician, a servant heart, A woman of faith, that’s just a start.
Pathfinder and Pioneer, Specialist in eye, nose, throat and ear,
We admire you so much.

Connally Missions Center now at HSU,
And Doctor Virginia, around the world, friends love you
Who loves to read, especially from God’s Word
“You cannot outgive God” a quote from you we’ve heard.

Thanks for the Memories

Last December you arrived At birthday 105
What a wonder, what a blessing that you are alive!
Now it’s time to celebrate one so compassionate
A better world for you and me
Because of Doctor Virginia Connally.

Written with love and admiration from Carolyn Newman on May 9, 2017
I sang this to her on December 4, 2018, her one hundred fifth birthday.
Updated for the James B. Simmons Dinner, September 6, 2018
Born the same year as Pope John Paul and her friend, Lady Bird Johnson
Ann Preston, Female College of Pennsylvania, in the mid-1850’s said:
“Our day will come. We will work in faith and bide our time.” Your time came.


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