Jacob Clute stands beneath the pergola he, his father, and friends built for Christian Service Center as a Eagle Scout project. Photo by Loretta Fulton




Whether Jacob Clute set out to be a role model by joining the Boy Scouts and doing the good deeds they are noted for, that’s exactly what he turned out to be.

At least, that’s what Mayor Anthony Williams said when introducing him at a dedication ceremony April 23 at Christian Service Center. And if the mayor says it’s so, it must be. Actually, everyone who attended the ceremony and people who will use the pergola that was dedicated would agree.

Clute, with the help of his father and church and Scout friends, built the 21 by 12-foot pergola on a concrete base, assembled a metal picnic table and benches, and installed  landscaping around it. The project was for Clute, a member of Boy Scout Troop 201, to gain is Eagle Scout status.

“We stand in the presence today of an example of what our youth can do,” Williams said during the dedication ceremony. “This is something we can be proud of.”

And he meant the entire city can be proud. The sturdy cedar pergola, stained red, looks like it will withstand all types of weather. It will be used by employees and volunteers at Christian Service Center for lunches, reunions, and other small gatherings.

In a prayer during the dedication, Jim Clark, executive director of Christian Service Center, thanked Jacob and all who worked on the project.

“Lord, we now dedicate this pergola to you,” Clark said.

Clute, an Abilene High School junior, and others broke ground over spring break for the project. They worked on it steadily for a week and then off and on for another three weeks. The result is a beautiful addition to the grounds of Christian Service Center. Clute thanked Clark for the opportunity to build the pergola as his Eagle Scout project.

“I hope it is a blessing to everyone who uses,” Clute said.


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