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By DANNY MINTON I have two sons: My youngest son, Chris, lives in Corpus Christi. He’s become successful in business and is turning into the young man his mother and I always desired for him to be. He is kind, loving, and generous. He shares what’s happening in his life. He’s what his mom and I dreamed of when we

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By DANNY MINTON I was traveling down one of the commercial streets in Abilene one day and saw the sign, “Clean Dirt.” That struck me odd since I learned years ago that dirt was “dirty.” I was told to wash the dirt off my hands before I ate. I washed the dirt out of my hair, and my mom cleaned

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By DANNY MINTON The date was sometime in January 1966 when I lay in bed, alone in a hospital room at Baylor medical center, encased in a body cast that engulfed the upper half of my body. I had been in the hospital over a month after breaking a vertebra in my neck. It didn’t hurt when it happened, and

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By DANNY MINTON In what seems to be the middle of nowhere stamped on a weathered concrete structure are the words “Abandoned in Place.” It means leave it like it is. It is all that remains of a vast multi-million-dollar tower. Standing in front of the sign printed in simple letters on the side of the structure, one can’t help

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