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By DANNY MINTON Turn on the TV, listen to a conversation, or walk down the mall and you’ll get a picture of the world of our youth today. Sex, violence, drugs, are shown and discussed in many circles. The apathetic work ethic and laziness are thrown out for us to consider. We label a whole generation based on what we

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By DANNY MINTON It was April 6, 1945, just off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. The U.S. naval forces were preparing for an eventual attack on the island with many of the U.S. fleet off the shores. One of those ships was the USS North Carolina, the ship which my dad served on during the last few years of WWII. On

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By DANNY MINTON His name was Jack Thum. His profession was a professional clown. Few people remember him, especially those outside the Chicago area. You see, Jack died some thirty years ago of cancer. When Jack died, Walter Cronkite mentioned it on his broadcast, and the church bells of Chicago rang in tribute. All of Chicago mourned. So what made

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By DANNY MINTON The term “Bucket List” has been around for quite some time, but seems to have become more popular since the movie, “Bucket List,” came out a decade ago. The term originates from the phrase to “kick the bucket” or in other words to die. It’s a list that people create of things they want to do or

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