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Muslims Still Face Negativity in U.S.

By BESHEER MOHAMEDPew Research Center An unprecedented amount of public attention focused on Muslim Americans in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The U.S. Muslim population has grown in the two decades since, but it is still the case that many Americans know little about Islam or Muslims, and views toward Muslims have become increasingly polarized along political lines.

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Muslims Begin Ramadan Observance

Ramadan, featuring a month of fasting and other obligations, will be observed by Muslims April 12-May 12. Abilene does not have a larger number of Muslims, but they will join others in complying with the traditional requirements of Ramadan. Following is a link to an explanation of Ramadan and its traditions. According to the article, more than one billion Muslims

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(Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on EthicsDaily.com. The article and photo are used with permission. Rob Sellers is emeritus professor of theology and missions at Logsdon Seminary and chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions.) By ROB SELLERS Sugar and spice, thunder and lightning, picnics and ants, ocean and waves, washers and dryers, children and laughter, Baptists and Muslims. If you

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