Muslims Begin Ramadan Observance

Ramadan, featuring a month of fasting and other obligations, will be observed by Muslims April 12-May 12.

Abilene does not have a larger number of Muslims, but they will join others in complying with the traditional requirements of Ramadan. Following is a link to an explanation of Ramadan and its traditions. According to the article, more than one billion Muslims around the world observe Ramadan, “a time for spiritual purification achieved through fasting, self-sacrifice and prayers.” Ramadan concludes with a 3-day festival known as “Eid” or “Eid ul-Fitr,” which literally means “the feast of the breaking/to break the fast.” 

Ramadan Holiday Information – When is Ramadan?

Muslim prayer room at McMurry University. Photo by Loretta Fulton

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  • I think it’s great that you are recognizing the multiple faiths in our world. I love the photo of the prayer room.


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