Four Abilene Churches, continuing in a tradition over 35 years old in Abilene, are hosting Holy Week Luncheon Series–without the luncheon–Monday through Thursday, April 6-9.
St. Paul United Methodist, Highland Church of Christ, First Baptist Church and First Central Presbyterian Church are the host churches.
For the first time, the traditional luncheon series won’t be held, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the four ministers are recording short sermons for each day of the series.
Make It As Secure As You Can–Matthew 27:62-66
Cliff Stewart
Surprising Hope–Mark 16:1-8
Shane Hughes
On the Road Again–Luke 24:13-35
Steve Patterson
Calling Us By Name–John 20:11-18
Phil Christopher

A tradition that began more than 35 years ago continues during Holy Week, with some modifications made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic.

For the first time, the traditional luncheon setting will not be held. Instead, the four participating ministers will record short sermons that will be posted each day, Monday through Thursday, April 6-9. The sermons will be posted daily, in order, on the Facebook page for each church and on spiritofabilene.com

Participating churches and their ministers are First Baptist, Phil Christopher; St Paul United Methodist, Steve Patterson; Highland Church of Christ, Shane Hughes; and First Central Presbyterian, Cliff Stewart. 

“We will miss our eating together,” Stewart said, “but we will continue the tradition.” 





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