The Bible is the infallible Word of The God of all things seen and unseen. This astonishing chronical encompasses the creation, the history of time and beyond. The Old Testament forecast the redemption narrative of God. There have been many gloomy times. In the darkest time of the year Jesus came to us at our level. This is illustrated for us in the New Testament. This is the Good News we celebrate. And here is why:


Jim McDonald

Joy comes after overcoming adversity. The coming of Christ is a joyful event. The  Advent season is a time of waiting in anticipation of His arrival which is predicated by trying times, dark days if you will.  Perhaps it’s like being ill and later becoming well. I like to say one has to itch before enjoying the scratch. The movement from insecurity to security or uncertainty or anxiety into peace is a positive one. We humans find ourselves in situations that are not as they should be, indeed not on earth as in heaven.

So, in preparation for Christmas we move through the Advent season anticipating the birth of Jesus, The Light of the world. We would do well to not rush through this time but rather be immersed in realizing and visualizing wrongness and our part in all of it. We need to purge our miserable defectiveness and ready ourselves for God coming down the stairway of heaven with a baby in His arms. The anticipation of this marvelous event is highly rewarding.

The majesty of Christmas is near and as Mr. Rogers said, “It’s wonderful day in the neighborhood.” I hope Christmas is indeed a wonderful day in your neighborhood.

Jim McDonald is a member of Wylie United Methodist Church and the Abilene Association of Congregations. 

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