Sunday was not a day of rest of a lot of church members in Abilene as they joined together to pack 2,500 boxes of non-perishable food for Children’s Hunger Fund.

The food packing took place at Zion Lutheran Church. It was the fifth year for the church to partner with Children’s Hunger Funday for the food pack, said pastor Clyde Kieschnick.

Zion Lutheran completed the drive to raise $25,000 last week, Kieschnick said. The money, $10 for each box, was sent to Children’s Hunger Fund. The organization sent a truck load of non-perishable food and five employees to Abilene on Friday. Saturday morning,  Esther Kissell, director of logistics and disaster services at Global Samaritan Resources, and 25 volunteers arrived at the church to unload the food into the gym.

“We got to work at 10 and by one o’clock we were ready for this event,”  Kieschnick said. “It’s down to a science.”


The Rev. Clyde Kieschnick, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, is all smiles as dozens of volunteers pack 2,500 boxes of food in the church gym for Children’s Hunger Fund Sunday, Aug. 27. Photos by Loretta Fulton


“The event” took place Sunday afternoon when the gym was turned into an assembly room, with different groups getting the boxes ready to pack and others placing items in them like sacks of beans and rice and boxes of dry food. Each box is designed to supplement a family of four for a week,  Kieschnick said.

The boxes were sealed and then slid along a roller track to be loaded onto pallets and then into the waiting semi trailer.

Before the work started Sunday, a special worship service was held at 11 and all the volunteers were fed before starting work at 1 p.m. Volunteers from five churches assisted–Zion Lutheran, New Hope Church, Transformation Church, Holy Cross Anglican, and St. James United Methodist.

The first year Zion Lutheran sponsored the event, enough money was raised for 150 boxes. Each year that number increased to 1,500, 2,000, 2,250 and 2,500. If enough money is raised next year for more than 2,500 boxes, two food-packing sessions will have to be staged,  Kieschnick said, because the gym isn’t large enough to hold that much food and volunteers at one time.

Most of the 2,500 boxes will be sent to areas in need, while some will stay in Abilene. Those will be stored at Global Samaritan Resources until Zion Lutheran requests boxes to deliver to people in Abilene. Last year, most of the boxes went to victims of Hurricane Harvey,  Kieschnick said, but no determination has been made about this year’s boxes.

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