Listen up, men. It’s time to ‘Get Real’

GetRealPowerPoint (1)

All you men who want to “Get Real”  need to saddle and pony on over to Solid Rock Encampment at Eastland Sept. 22-23.

That is the date of the inaugural Get Real campfire, a two-day event designed and led by Ben Gray, who you may know as the trainer for installing water purification systems at Global Samaritan Resources.

Gray developed his ministry under three topics: Real Men, Real Issues, Real God. Over the summer, Gray has trained leaders who will work with him at the campfire. But long before that, Gray started visiting with various congregations in and near Abilene, explaining the ministry and talking with clergy and church members.

“I stand amazed with the energetic reception for men’s ministry and especially Get Real,” he said in an update sent to advisers, prayer warriors, and friends. “It’s been a long time since I’ve met such a yearning among men to come closer to God.”

The purpose of Get Real, Gray said, is to “help men address relevant life issues in the context of a safe environment.

Over a 24-hour period (Friday night-Saturday night), men will discuss and hear professionals speak on a variety of topics, among them the importance of being “authentic men,” anger management, addiction, pornography, forgiving self and others, marriage and sexuality.

Gray draws from various authors and books for his ministry. One of the the books is “Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace” by Lynn Baber. The book is subtitled “Pursuing Relationship with God, Horses, and One Another.”

Baber lives near Weatherford, where she is a horse trainer and prolific Christian writer. A promotional blurb about her says that she learned the principles of worthy leadership and right relationship from decades as a successful equine professional, in business, and by the work of the Holy Spirit.

“The truth of faith that overcomes fear is the same for both Christians and horses,” Baber said.

To sign up for the September 22-23 campfire, or to learn more about or to explore working with Gray and his ministry, contact Gray at or call him at 325-518-8327.

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