Women at Worship


By Loretta Fulton

In her signature high-energy style, Felicia Hopkins captivated an all-woman congregation July 26 in the second of three special mid-week services Hopkins is hosting this summer at the church she pastors, St. Paul United Methodist.

The final installment will begin at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 30 at the church. The services, which include a sermon by Hopkins, special musical presentations and congregational singing, are for all women of the community, regardless of denominational affiliation. Refreshments will be served after the service.

The July 26 service featured Paige Sproles, a member of Lytle South Baptist Church and a favorite of theater-goers in Abilene. She often plays major roles and adds her powerful singing voice to the performance.

At the worship service, Sproles led the congregation in some spirited praise music, which was followed by Hopkins’ spirited sermon based on John 5:1-9, the story of the man crippled from birth  who “had a ton of excuses,” Hopkins noted, for not getting in the healing pool at Bethsaida.

He had gone there every day for 38 years but had never gotten off his mat and made it into the pool. Then one day something different happened.

“Jesus saw him,” Hopkins said. “This man teaches us about the power of being changed by Jesus.”

In order to change, she said people have to “own their own mess” and then have faith that change is possible through Jesus. But works must come from that faith.

“Change is never going to happen without you doing something,” Hopkins said.

Just like the lame man went day after day to the pool but refused to get off his mat in order to be healed, so too are people today refusing to “do something,” to bring about change Hopkins said.

“What mat is he asking you to pick up?,” Hopkins asked. “What is God asking you to do?”





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